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Designed for sites and researchers first, we ease the burden on investigators and staff to maximize time spent with patients and on study conduct

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Data that does more.

We accelerate research by enabling access to standardized and machine-readable data sets.


Industry’s Leading EHR to EDC Technology

Built with our tailored AI models, Harmony is a state-of-the-art data abstraction platform that streamlines clinical research:

  • Access comprehensive structured and unstructured data in one platform
  • Seamlessly connect with EMRs using FHIR and other data repositories through bespoke integrations
  • Accelerate the setup process by leveraging the templates of pre-built forms and mappings from our extensive library
  • Automatically push data to study EDCs with a click of button, eliminating double data entry
  • Maintain lineage between the corresponding data source such as a clinical note or lab report to each CRF question, streamlining source management for monitoring or inspections
  • Augment the identification and documentation of Adverse Events


Intelligent Patient Matching

Through advanced data structuring and lineage capabilities, Prism platform accelerates patient recruitment in clinical trials:

  • Leverages fine-tuned language models to accelerate the matching process
  • Finds eligible patients by searching structured and unstructured data
  • Breaks down complex inclusion and exclusion criteria into more cohesive and granular searches
  • Integrates data from varied local sources helping researchers easily find the relevant corresponding data for each patient


Focus on
what matters.

Deploy the solution and realize benefits in months not years.

Access the application through your EMR's app marketplace without the need for any integration support. Deploy the solution with no upfront investment or cost.

Identify the right patients.

Simple queries uncover the patient you’re looking for, removing the need for endless scrolling.

Auto-Populate data in EDCs.

The right data for the right patient is available for coordinators to select and push into EDCs with a single click of a button.

Automatic source verification.

Every data point abstracted maintains a lineage to the source of the data, simplifying source verification and review.

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Improving clinical research for all.

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Investigator Initiated or Institutional Research

Our integrations with leading EDCs used for non- funded or institutionally-funded research minimizes data entry efforts in the same way as for sponsor funded research.

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Lower Costs

There are no upfront costs to sites for setting up the platform and sponsors are charged on a per-study basis based on the success of the technology. 

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Become a site of choice

Sponsors prefer sites that both streamline monitoring efforts via automated data entry and expedite data availability, reducing the wait from weeks to mere days.

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Lesser queries and less time spent with Monitors

The elimination of manual data entry ensures there are no SDV related Queries and also reduces the amount of time you spend preparing for and during monitoring visits with CRAs.

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Compliance, privacy and security

We are third party certified compliant with the major applicable regulatory frameworks such as SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11. We are in the process of procuring certifications for HITRUST and NIST. 



Reduction in overall EDC data entry time and efforts


Likelihood of patient eligibility in cohorts created by automated intelligence


Reduction in time spent on printing source documents from EMR for binders


Reduction in chart review time and efforts for eligibility


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