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We activate all available clinical data at sites so that it can be better utilized for clinical research.

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Industry’s first scalable EHR to EDC technology.

Our anchor-partner approach with sites amplifies the solution in three key ways.

Science CardData Pipelines are stress-tested with necessary approvals already in place
Science CardInvestments in AI at each site enables wider-coverage of data that can be extracted
Science CardAn NLP-driven process expedites the initial and study-specific mappings and setup


Focus on
what matters.

Go beyond data entry related efficiencies.

By marrying data streams coming directly from the sites, our platform allows Monitoring, Data Management, and Pharmacovigilance teams to streamline their workflows. This eliminates SDV, reduces SDR, minimizes the number of queries, and augments identification of AEs.

Share High Quality Data in Real Time

Sites share study data as it’s generated, eliminating the need for manual re-entry into EDC systems without any delay.

Maintain Source Linkage and Lineage.

For every data point pulled from the EHR for use in the CRF, our technology always maintains proper lineage to the source document and related metadata. It helps your site be better prepared for FDA inspections and monitoring visits.

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Improving trials for all.

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Lower Costs

Deploying EHR2EDC has historically been very costly. Our AI-driven approach increases the coverage of data and reduces setup time with reduced implementation costs. The ROI on this automation has never been higher.

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Leverage Robust Technology

Our technology is designed for the dynamic needs of sponsors, allowing you to push protocol / CRF amendments during the study, convert EHR resources into protocol specified formats and create an Immutable Audit log for utmost transparency.

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Embrace An Intelligent System

Our technology has been rigorously tested to handle all challenges and edge cases that arise.. These include handling missing EHR data, dealing with a mix of structured and unstructured data for the same CRF question, and managing changes in EHR data during the study.



Reduction in data latency into EDCs


Reduction in manual source verification and review of data by monitors


Concepts in clinical notes
understood by our machine learning models


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